Definition of Little Dog

1. Noun. A constellation to the east of Orion; contains Procyon.

Exact synonyms: Canis Minor
Generic synonyms: Constellation
Member holonyms: Procyon

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Literary usage of Little Dog

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The world's wit and humor: an encyclopedia of the classic wit and humor of by Lionel Strachey (1906)
"... Georgiana Craik A Quarrelsome Little Dog and a Cross Little Cat " GET out of the way," said a little fat dog, as he came near the fire. ..."

2. The Principles of Psychology by William James (1918)
"If the little dog was shut in the garden and he wished to get out. he placed himself before the gate and barked. Immediately the large dog in the court ..."

3. All the Year Round by Charles Dickens (1870)
"THE FAITHFUL Little Dog. A YOUNG prince had a little dog, and he was very fond of him, for he had the most wonderful qualities. He was, in fact, ..."

4. St. Nicholas by Mary Mapes Dodge (1911)
"The little dog's ears were cocked up, and his head turned to one side, as if looking eagerly for some one. ''Here, Sis," called Hal. "This way, please. ..."

5. Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys, F.R.S.: Secretary to the by Samuel Pepys, John A. Smith, Richard Griffin Braybrooke (1855)
"... to see a son of Sir Heneage Finch's1 beating of a poor little dog to death, letting it lie in so much pain that made me mad to see it, till, by and by, ..."

6. Greyfriars Bobby by Eleanor Atkinson (1912)
"... turned into the officers' mess-room and tried to get an orderly to take a message to the captain who had noticed the little dog in the barracks. ..."

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