Definition of Karl Barth

1. Noun. Swiss Protestant theologian (1886-1968).

Exact synonyms: Barth
Generic synonyms: Theologian, Theologiser, Theologist, Theologizer

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Literary usage of Karl Barth

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Against the Wind: Eberhard Arnold and the Bruderhof by Markus Baum (1998)
"... written on September 2 (identical in content to the one Karl Barth actually received), was mistakenly addressed to Peter Barth in Madiswil. ..."

2. The Awakening: One Man's Battle With Darkness by Friedrich Zündel (1999)
"Yet who else uses the language of faith so straightforwardly and without apology? Karl Barth Blumhardt does something very few of us can do: represent God's ..."

3. A Joyful Pilgrimage: My Life in Community by Emmy Arnold (1999)
"Here we experienced our first encounter with the Swiss Religious Socialists and met Karl Barth, who was one of the main speakers. ..."

4. Action in Waitingby Christoph Blumhardt by Christoph Blumhardt (1998)
"I always knew what an impact Blumhardt had made on Karl Barth, but after reading him I know why. Eugene H. Peterson, author, Subversive Spirituality On a ..."

5. Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians by Theodore Baker (1919)
"and Karl Barth (vcl.) he formed (1893) the 'S. Trio.' He was heard as soloist with the Boston SO, at 11 Worcester festivals, and in recitals in Paris and ..."

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