Definition of Joffre

1. Noun. French field marshal who commanded the Allied armies in France during World War II (1852-1931).

Exact synonyms: Joseph Jacques Cesaire Joffre
Generic synonyms: Field Marshal

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Literary usage of Joffre

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Literary Digest History of the World War: Compiled from Original and (1920)
"1914, he won the battle of the Marne, all the world outside of Germany talked of Joffre, and when in October, 1914. he removed five generals from high ..."

2. Writing of Today: Models of Journalistic Prose by Gerhard Richard Lomer (1919)
"The fact is that General Joffre, such as he was able to reveal himself six ... There existed in the middle of last year — General Joffre ; let us say, ..."

3. War Poems by Thomas William Hodgson Crosland (1917)
"Joffre There's a solid lump of War— Name o' Joffre, Lives on a swift motor-car, General Joffre; Plays with Death at hide and seek— In and out the Battle's ..."

4. Presidents and Pies: Life in Washington 1897-1919 by Isabel Anderson (1920)
"Joffre, General Rouquerol (French Military Attach* to the Belgian Government). ... with two officers VISIT OF MARSHAL Joffre AND MME. Joffre TO KING ALBERT ..."

5. From Private to Field-marshal by William Robert Robertson (1921)
"... CIGS—Relations with Joffre, Cadorna, and Alexeieff —War Council and War Cabinet—Relations between Ministers and their professional advisers—Proposed war ..."

6. Lord Northcliffe's War Book: With Chapters on America at War by Alfred Harmsworth Northcliffe (1917)
"A visit to General Joffre, save for the presence of one or two orderlies at the gate, ... Pere Joffre, who had the destinies of France in his hands, ..."

7. Great Men and Great Days by Stéphane Lauzanne (1921)
"I asked General Joffre to do me a favor. I was going to follow the great maneuvers which, ... General Joffre was glad to tell me what I wanted to know. ..."

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