Definition of Culvers physic

1. Noun. A tall perennial herb having spikes of small white or purple flowers; common in eastern North America.

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Literary usage of Culvers physic

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Class-book of Botany by Alphonso Wood (1851)
"The Veronica Virginica, (Culvers physic) and Linaria vulgaris (toad-flax) are purgative and emetic. Numerous species are cultivated for ornament. ..."

2. Familiar Lectures on Botany, Practical, Elementary and Physiological: With by Lincoln Phelps (1837)
"Hills. virgin"ica, (w. Ju. Aug. 1)..) leaves verticillate, in fours or fives, lanceolate- serrate, petioled. 3-4 f. Culvers physic. l,l;si'KI)l',/.v 16—10. ..."

3. A Botanical Index to All the Medicinal Plants, Barks, Roots, Seeds and by Allan Pollock (1872)
"... Culvers Root, Culvers physic, Black Root, Brinton Root, Tall Veronica, Virginia Speedwell, Veronica, Bowman's Root. Button Snake Root, Gayfeather, ..."

4. Dr. Chase's Family Physician, Farrier, Bee-keeper, and Second Receipt Book by Alvin Wood Chase (1874)
"... off bile) work especially upon the liver, increasing the flow of bile ; among them, are the mandrake root, and podophyllin made from it; Culvers physic, ..."

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