Definition of Chippendale

1. Adjective. Of or relating to an 18th-century style of furniture made by Thomas Chippendale; graceful outlines and Greek motifs and massive rococo carvings.

2. Noun. A British cabinetmaker remembered for his graceful designs (especially of chairs) which influenced his contemporaries (1718-1779).

Exact synonyms: Thomas Chippendale
Generic synonyms: Cabinetmaker, Furniture Maker

Definition of Chippendale

1. a. Designating furniture designed, or like that designed, by Thomas Chippendale, an English cabinetmaker of the 18th century. Chippendale furniture was generally of simple but graceful outline with delicately carved rococo ornamentation, sculptured either in the solid wood or, in the cheaper specimens, separately and glued on. In the more elaborate pieces three types are recognized: French Chippendale, having much detail, like Louis Quatorze and Louis Quinze; Chinese Chippendale, marked by latticework and pagodalike pediments; and Gothic Chippendale, attempting to adapt medieval details. The forms, as of the cabriole and chairbacks, often resemble Queen Anne. In chairs, the seat is widened at the front, and the back toward the top widened and bent backward, except in Chinese Chippendale, in which the backs are usually rectangular.

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Literary usage of Chippendale

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Colonial Furniture in America by Luke Vincent Lockwood (1913)
"Chair in Chippendale style, Gothic taste, third quarter eighteenth century ... Chair in Chippendale style, 1760-70 99 571. Chinese Chair, about 1800 100 572 ..."

2. Dated Book-plates (Ex Libris) with a Treatise on Their Origin and Development by Walter Hamilton (1895)
"Chippendale may not be technically exact, but it is English, and certainly ... The leading feature of a Chippendale plate is a frilling or border of open ..."

3. The Furniture of Our Forefathers by Esther Singleton, Russell Sturgis (1913)
"Although Chippendale owed so much to Meissonier, he also went to others for ... When, therefore, Chippendale says: "In executing many of the drawings, ..."

4. A Guide to the Study of Book-plates (ex-libris) by John Byrne Leicester Warren (1900)
"THE Chippendale STYLE. We now come to the Chippendale style, which is the leading artistic fashion on English ex-libris after 1750. ..."

5. The Connoisseur by Bonnell Thornton, George Colman, Mr Town, George Lyttelton Lyttelton (1904)
"This is as we would expect to find it if Chippendale had been a man of ... What is, for instance, looked upon as perhaps the most typical " Chippendale" ..."

6. Bookplates: A Catalogue of a Selection Containing Some Extremely Rare Items by Dodd, Mead & Company (1906)
"Chippendale Armorial. $1.00. JJC. The Baron's coronet shows that the plate was ... Chippendale Armorial. $1.00. i;C . This is the second state of this plate ..."

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