Definition of Batswana

1. Noun. A member of a Bantu people living chiefly in Botswana and western South Africa.

Exact synonyms: Bechuana, Tswana
Group relationships: Botswana, Republic Of Botswana, Republic Of South Africa, South Africa
Generic synonyms: Bantu

Definition of Batswana

1. Noun. (plural of Motswana) ¹

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Literary usage of Batswana

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Views on Migration in Sub-Saharan Africa: Proceedings of an African by Catherine Cross (2007)
"He notes that South Africa has traditionally been the main destination for Batswana migrants, followed by Zimbabwe and Namibia, and he remarks: There is a ..."

2. Vocational Education and Training in Southern Africa: A Comparative Study by Salim Akoojee, Simon A. McGrath, Anthony Gewer (2005)
"Employment of Batswana in South African mines has shown a gradual decline; there were 5 867 persons during the fourth quarter of 2000, as opposed to 17 000 ..."

3. Southern Africa: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe by Bernard Joliat (2000)
"Farming and centuries AD mining communities develop. l4th century Tswana clans (Batswana) of the Bantu people settle in the land. l9th century Expansionist ..."

4. Indigenous Knowledge and Its Uses in Southern Africa by Hans Normann (1996)
"Fako (1989) observes that many Batswana continue to secretly visit traditional doctors, even though they may deny this when asked. ..."

5. Black Composers of Southern Africa: An Expanded Supplement to The Bantu by Yvonne Huskisson, Sarita Hauptfleisch (1992)
"... SA Batswana - Composed for 50th anniversary of SABC BUTHELEZI, Alexius DIED: Welkom (Diabetic) 25 ..."

6. South African Science Education Research: An Indexed Bibliography by Rudiger Laugksch (2003)
"The understanding of the concept "sex determination" by Batswana children before formal Instruction at school. Unpublished MSc thesis, University of the ..."

7. More Than a Name: State-Sponsored Homophobia and Its Consequences in by Scott Long, A. Widney Brown, Gail Cooper (2003)
"... party "could not even debate the issue of homosexuality" because it "would shock the Batswana nation."139 The vice-president of Botswana, ..."

8. State of the Nation: South Africa 2003-2004 by John Daniel, Adam Habib, Roger Southall (2004)
"Bozzoli (1991) has noted that the phenomenon of marriage and the related activity of building a household was central to the migration of Batswana women. ..."

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