Definition of Terneplate

1. n. Thin iron sheets coated with an alloy of lead and tin; -- so called because made up of three metals.

Definition of Terneplate

1. Noun. Thin iron sheeting coated with an alloy of lead and tin. ¹

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Definition of Terneplate

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Terneplate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Metals in America's Historic Buildings: Uses and Preservation Treatments by Margot Gayle, John G. Waite (1992)
"The polychromed slate roof was restored to the original pattern, and lead-coated copper was substituted for the original terneplate flashing and gutters ..."

2. The Science of Purchasing by Helen Hysell (1922)
"The coating or terneplate consists of an alloy of lead and tin : That on ... terneplate and galvanized iron are used in general building construction, ..."

3. Machinery's Encyclopedia: A Work of Reference Covering Practical Mathematics by Erik Oberg, Franklin Day Jones (1917)
"... III, 174-2 for terneplate, VI, 223-4 hardness. III, 528-7; 538-7 heat expansion, III, 541-3 impurity in copper refining, III, 34-2 in German silver, ..."

4. Industrial Engineering: A Handbook of Useful Information for Managers by William Miller Barr (1918)
"terneplate (Roofing Tin) with Charcoal-Iron Base.—In case a plate with a charcoal-iron base is specified, the foregoing specifications shall apply as ..."

5. Military Students Text Book ...: For the Use of R.O.T.C. and S.A.T.C. Units by James Alfred Moss, George Reudel Guild (1918)
"It has a terneplate cover under the lid and is hermetically sealed. The chest measures 8 by 16*4 by 14 inches and weighs about 95 pounds when filled. ..."

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