Definition of Surveying

1. Noun. The practice of measuring angles and distances on the ground so that they can be accurately plotted on a map. "He studied surveying at college"

Specialized synonyms: Triangulation
Generic synonyms: Measure, Measurement, Measuring, Mensuration
Derivative terms: Survey

Definition of Surveying

1. n. That branch of applied mathematics which teaches the art of determining the area of any portion of the earth's surface, the length and directions of the bounding lines, the contour of the surface, etc., with an accurate delineation of the whole on paper; the act or occupation of making surveys.

Definition of Surveying

1. Noun. (science) Art and science of accurately determining the position of points and the distances between them. ¹

2. Verb. (present participle of survey) ¹

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Definition of Surveying

1. [n -S]

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