Definition of Riddler

1. n. One who riddles (grain, sand, etc.).

2. n. One who speaks in, or propounds, riddles.

Definition of Riddler

1. Noun. a puzzler ¹

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Definition of Riddler

1. one that riddles [n -S] - See also: riddles

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Literary usage of Riddler

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A History of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan and Its People: Its Mining by Alvah Littlefield Sawyer (1911)
"Mr. riddler subsequently located in London, but a few weeks' residence in that ... Mr. riddler then purchased his partner's interest, and soon after sold to ..."

2. Recitations for Assembly and Class-room: With Suggested Programs by Anna Theodora Lee O'Neill (1916)
"THE riddler THERE went a rider on a roan, By rock and hill, and all alone, And asked of men these questions three: " Who may the greatest miller be ? ..."

3. The Book of Sports by Robin Carver (1834)
"THE riddler. THE custom of making riddles is very old, and were I to attempt to tell you all those which the ingenuity of mankind has invented, ..."

4. A History of Texas and Texans by Francis White Johnson, Ernest William Winkler (1914)
"Garth Arthur riddler was born at Jefferson City, Missouri, September 3, 1882, a son of John G. and Sophie (Sharp) riddler. A young man of nineteen, ..."

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