Definition of Private line

1. Noun. A telephone line serving a single subscriber.

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Literary usage of Private line

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Experimental Electrical Engineering and Manual for Electrical Testing for by Vladimir Karapetoff (1922)
"HOUSE AND INTERCOMMUNICATING TELEPHONES 605. private line Connections. — A simple telephone installation consisting of two stations or sets is shown in Fig. ..."

2. Through China with a camera by John Thomson (1898)
"in a fine steamer belonging to a private line, engaged in the tea trade during the greater portion of the year, but at that time making a cruise northward ..."

3. Electricity and the Electric Telegraph by George Bartlett Prescott (1888)
"REPORTING AND private line TELEGRAPHS. ONE of the most important applications of the type-printing telegraph in large cities is that of simultaneously ..."

4. The Scots Digest of the Cases Decided in the Supreme Courts of Scotland: And by John Condie Stewart Sandeman (1905)
"private line—Level Crossing—Fencing.—There is no statutory obligation on the owners of a private ... Z.—Held that a private line which formed a loup on a ..."

5. Electrical Construction: An Elementary Course for Vocational Schools by Walter Benedict Weber (1916)
"Operations Tools Material Two wall type private line battery telephones. Questions Why is it impracticable to use more than four phones on this system? ..."

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