Definition of Pork belly

1. Noun. Side of fresh pork.

Generic synonyms: Side Of Pork

Definition of Pork belly

1. Noun. The meat derived from the belly of a pig, often traded as a commodity in American stock exchanges. ¹

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Literary usage of Pork belly

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Cyclopedia of American Agriculture: A Popular Survey of Agricultural by Liberty Hyde Bailey (1908)
"... loin: fat back, tenderloin, roast, chops: baron strip: bacon, salt pork; belly: salt pork; ham: cured ham, steak; feet: pickled pie's feet. to be had. ..."

2. The Successful Housekeeper: A Manual of Universal Application, Especially by Milon W. Ellsworth, Tinnie Ellsworth (1882)
"Pork, to keep fresh in summer Pork, to cook Pork, belly, rolled and boiled Pork brawn Pork chops, broiled Pork chops, fried Pork cutlets, broiled. ..."

3. Analysis and Cost of Ready-to-serve Foods by Frank Curtis Gephart, Graham Lusk (1915)
"... each Ham bones 10 Ib. Ham for boiling 18 Ib. Pork, shoulder 15 Ib. Pork, belly 16 Ib. Pork, larding 16 Ib. Sheep casings ' 15 Ib. Veal, leg 16 Ib. Fish! ..."

4. The Modern Housewife, Or Ménager̀e: Comprising Nearly One Thousand Receipts by Alexis Soyer (1850)
"... bread-crumbs over, place in the oven ten minutes, brown it with the salamander, and serve. 351. Pickled Pork (Belly part).—Choose a nice streaky piece ..."

5. Cats in a Chowder by Fred J Schneider (2006)
"We parked for the night in the empty lot of a Sears store, listening for a while to the apple pie voice of a woman giving pork belly prices on the radio. ..."

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