Definition of Oleaceae

1. Noun. Trees and shrubs having berries or drupes or capsules as fruits; sometimes placed in the order Oleales: olive; ash; jasmine; privet; lilac.

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Literary usage of Oleaceae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States, Canada and the British by Nathaniel Lord. Britton, Hon. Addison. Brown (1913)
"oleaceae Lindi. Nat. Syst. OLIVE FAMILY. 1830. Trees or shrubs (a few genera almost herbaceous) with opposite or rarely alternate simple or pinnate ..."

2. The Indigenous Trees of the Hawaiian Islands by Joseph Francis Charles Rock (1913)
"oleaceae-Loganiaceae. Kauai are exceedingly large and oblong acuminate. It flowers usually in March in certain localities, but the writer found the trees in ..."

3. Flora of Los Angeles and Vicinity by Le Roy Abrams (1904)
"oleaceae. OLIVE FAMILY. Trees or shrubs with opposite or rarely alternate simple or pinnate exstipulate entire or dentate leaves, and regular perfect, ..."

4. Flora of Vermont: A List of the Fern and Seed Plants Growing Without Cultivation by Ezra Brainerd, Vermont Botanical Club, Lewis Ralph Jones, Willard Webster Eggleston (1900)
"... and thickets; common- oleaceae. OLIVE FAMILY FRAXINUS. ASH F. Americana, L. White Ash. Rich woods ; common. F. Pennsylvania, Marsh. (F. pubescens, Lam. ..."

5. Biennial Report by California Dept. of Agriculture, California State Commission of Horticulture (1890)
"A few changes in the relative grouping of the various genera of oleaceae seem to us to be the necessary consequence of the works of these scholars. ..."

6. New Manual of Botany of the Central Rocky Mountains (vascular Plants) by John Merle Coulter (1909)
"In wet places; across the continent. 91. oleaceae Lindl. OLIVE FAMILY Trees or shrubs with opposite or rarely alternate simple or pinnate ..."

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