Definition of Markov process

1. Noun. A simple stochastic process in which the distribution of future states depends only on the present state and not on how it arrived in the present state.

Exact synonyms: Markoff Process
Specialized synonyms: Markoff Chain, Markov Chain
Generic synonyms: Stochastic Process

Definition of Markov process

1. Noun. (probability theory) A stochastic process in which the probability distribution of the current state is conditionally independent of the path of past states. ¹

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Medical Definition of Markov process

1. A stochastic process in which the conditional probability for a state at any future instance, given the present state, is unaffected by knowledge of the past history of events. (12 Mar 2008)

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Literary usage of Markov process

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Statistics, Probability, and Game Theory: Papers in Honor of David Blackwell by David Blackwell, Thomas Shelburne Ferguson, Lloyd S. Shapley, James B. MacQueen (1996)
"It is desired to create a markov process as a model for some natural process. Starting with what may be a somewhat vague idea of its transition probability ..."

2. Stochastic Orders and Decision Under Risk by Karl C. Mosler, Marco Scarsini (1991)
"We see that (X(t), 0(<); t > 0) is a markov process and the law of this process is given by TT, 1j), and qxy(tf), x ^ y € A"1, ..."

3. Crossing Boundaries: Statistical Essays in Honor of Jack Hall by William Jackson Hall, John Edward Kolassa, David Oakes (2003)
"There are several obvious practical advantages of using a markov process. ... The markov process has the ability to measure the randomness of the ..."

4. A Festschrift for Herman Rubin by Anirban DasGupta, Herman Rubin (2004)
"... and arrived at the notion of a stochastic differential equation governing the paths of a markov process that could be formulated in terms of the ..."

5. Topics in Statistical Dependence by Henry W. Block, Allan R. Sampson, Thomas H. Savits (1990)
"We choose the latter option, and refer to the underlying markov process as the ... Our main motivation for this definition of a markov process is to ..."

6. Profiting from Chaos: Using Chaos Theory for Market Timing, Stock Selection by Tonis Vaga (1994)
"Hence a continuous markov process has a tendency to move toward the nearest local minimum of the potential function. Therefore, these are the stable states ..."

7. Distributions with Fixed Marginals and Related Topics by Ludger Rüschendorf, Berthold Schweizer, Michael Dee Taylor (1996)
"An explicit expression for the finite dimensional distributions of a Markov process in terms of the copulas pairs of random variables, is given in Darsow et ..."

8. Balancing Agricultural Development and Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon by Andrea Cattaneo (2002)
"Technically, the natural transformation process is modeled as a first-order stationary markov process, with land use entering as an exogenous variable ..."

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