Definition of Helpdesks

1. Noun. (plural of helpdesk) ¹

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Definition of Helpdesks

1. helpdesk [n] - See also: helpdesk

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Literary usage of Helpdesks

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The New Everyday: Views on Ambient Intelligenceby Emile H. L. Aarts, Stefano Marzano by Emile H. L. Aarts, Stefano Marzano (2003)
"... particularly for banking, shopping, helpdesks and lnternet businesses. From experiences to transformations The focus of business is shifting from being ..."

2. Oecd Economic Surveys by Oecd (2003)
"... of the need for administrative reform in these and other areas where the quality of services needs to be improved (by more customer friendly helpdesks, ..."

3. Land Management: The Forest Service's and BLM's Organizational Structures edited by James K. Meissner (2001)
"... including telecommunications/network sharing, Internet firewalls and shared network access, E-mail connectivity, shared computer helpdesks, shared local ..."

4. OECD Economic Surveys: Volume 2006 Issue 2 by OECD Staff (2006)
"The number of helpdesks will be reduced and accessibility improved. In May 2005 a "front office" was set up for two agencies SenterNovem and EVD, ..."

5. The OECD Small and Medium Enterprise Outlookby Marian Murphy by Marian Murphy (2002)
"... an information and advice centre for entrepreneurs, providing quality information on strategic business areas, administrative procedures and helpdesks. ..."

6. Applying Strategic Environmental Assessment: Good Practice Guidance for by Oecd, SourceOECD (Online service) (2006)
"Outcome The Helpdesk model gives Sida direct access to expert advice on short notice. The helpdesks complement and strengthens Sida's environmental capacity ..."

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