Definition of Goldberg

1. Noun. United States cartoonist who drew intricate diagrams of very complicated and impractical contraptions that accomplished little or nothing (1883-1970).

Exact synonyms: Reuben Lucius Goldberg, Rube Goldberg
Generic synonyms: Cartoonist

Definition of Goldberg

1. Proper noun. (surname from=German dot=), fairly common in the U.S.A. ¹

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Literary usage of Goldberg

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Kingdom of Evils: Psychiatric Social Work Presented in One Hundred Case by Elmer Ernest Southard, Mary Cromwell Jarrett (1922)
"We choose the goldberg case as one of dementia praecox. ... Clara goldberg is an instance of alteration of diagnosis from the psychoneurotic group to the ..."

2. Nostrums and Quackery: Articles on the Nostrum Evil and Quackery Reprinted by American Medical Association (1912)
"goldberg MEDICAL COMPANY This concern, which had its headquarters at Detroit, was for some years conducted by Dr. Samuel goldberg, but in August, 1906, ..."

3. The Ohio Nisi Prius Reports by Ohio Courts (1915)
"HUNT, JS goldberg haying an account with the Peoples Bank & Savings Company, in December, IOCS, sent by mail a check to New York for .f 04 07, ..."

4. The Musical World (1872)
"Mr. goldberg, during bis stay in Rome, had frequent interviews with the Minister, ... The Minister, Correnti, at first intended to appoint Mr. goldberg ..."

5. Therapeutic Gazette (1901)
"goldberg believes that almost all tumors can be examined by the ... In tuberculous ulcération of the bladder, goldberg as a rule avoids the use of the ..."

6. Foreign Plays in English: A List of Translations in the New York Public Library by New York Public library, Daniel Carl Haskell (1920)
"(In: Isaac goldberg, Six plays of the Yiddish theatre. Boston ,1916]. 12°. p. 123-149. ... Authorized translation from the Yiddish by Isaac goldberg. ..."

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