Definition of Forest fire

1. Noun. An uncontrolled fire in a wooded area.

Generic synonyms: Fire
Specialized synonyms: Crown Fire, Ground Fire, Surface Fire

Definition of Forest fire

1. Noun. A fire, often large, that consumes a forest or woodland. ¹

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Literary usage of Forest fire

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Practice of Silviculture: With Particular Reference to Its Application by Ralph Chipman Hawley (1921)
"The chief significance from the forest fire standpoint of cloudy versus sunny ... Methods of forest fire Protection. — The methods of obtaining protection ..."

2. Our National Forests: A Short Popular Account of the Work of the United by Richard Hans Douai Boerker (1918)
"How forest fire Funds Are Distributed. It devolves upon the Forest Supervisor and also the District Forester to apportion the appropriation allotted for ..."

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"THE NEW YORK forest fire LAW. It seems, on account of the disastrous forest fires which h,ave recently occurred in the Northeastern United States, ..."

4. The Development of Forest Law in America: A Historical Presentation of the by Jay P. Kinney (1917)
"In Michigan, Tennessee and West Virginia the direction of forest fire control is vested in the state forest, fish and game commissioner, which officer is ..."

5. Elements of Forestry by Nelson Courtlandt Brown, Frederick Franklin Moon (1914)
"A strip kept clear of inflammable material as a protection against the spread of forest fire. First growth, 1. Natural forest in which no cuttings have been ..."

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