Definition of Flying dragon

1. Noun. Any of several small tropical Asian lizards capable of gliding by spreading winglike membranes on each side of the body.

Exact synonyms: Dragon, Flying Lizard
Generic synonyms: Agamid, Agamid Lizard
Group relationships: Draco, Genus Draco

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Literary usage of Flying dragon

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Select Pleas in the Court of Admiralty by Great Britain High Court of Admiralty, Reginald Godfrey Marsden (1897)
"TIlE ‘ flying dragon.' AD. 1691 File 643, No. 74. Sentence condemning the ‘ flying Dragon ‘ as ... navis vocate the Flying. Dragon portus ..."

2. The Publications of the Selden Society by Selden Society (1897)
"THE • flying dragon.' In the name of God Amen . . . Having heard the merits and circumstances of a certain business of [Our] Office, that has been for some ..."

3. Historical and Descriptive Account of British India, from the Most Remote by Hugh Murray, James Wilson, Robert Kaye Greville, Robert Jameson, Whitelaw Ainslie, William Rhind, William Wallace, Clarence Dalrymple (1832)
"CHAPTER IV. The Reptiles and Fishes of India. Great Indian Tortoise—Gangetic Crocodile—flying dragon—Serpent Tribe—Viperine ..."

4. The Mikado's Empire by William Elliot Griffis (1906)
"There are many kinds of dragons, such as the violet, the yellow, the green, the red, the white, the black, and the flying dragon. ..."

5. Miscellanies by Charles Kingsley (1860)
"How scientific prigs shook with laughter at the notion of a flying dragon ! till one day geology revealed to them, in the Ptero- dactylus, ..."

6. Three Years in Western China: A Narrative of Three Journeys in Ssǔ-chúan by Alexander Hosie (1890)
"... ruffians of Chiung Chou—A floating bamboo bridge—Brick tea for Tibet—Fraternizing with Tibetan pilgrims on the .summit of the flying dragon Pass—Chinese ..."

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