Definition of Farmed

1. Verb. (past of farm) ¹

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Definition of Farmed

1. farm [v] - See also: farm

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Literary usage of Farmed

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Environmental Indicators for Agriculture by SourceOECD (Online service) (2001)
"Moreover, the interspersion of intensively farmed areas by semi-natural habitat do enhance the ... Intensively farmed agricultural habitats Definitions 1. ..."

2. The Social Condition and Education of the People in England and Europe by Joseph Kay (1850)
"... of land farmed by small proprietors is greater than its ... when farmed by great proprietors. ..."

3. Publications by Hampshire Record Society, Winchester, Winchester Hampshire Record Society, American peace society, Algernon Sidney Crapsey, Ernest Howard Crosby, W. Evans Darby, John Hyde De Forest, Charles Edward Jefferson, Augustine Jones, Mrs. L. J. Mead, J. H. Ral (1891)
"Gilibert de Monasterio formerly held; and seventeen and a half acres which the said Thomas de Winton formerly farmed of the grantor as they are named in a ..."

4. Records of the Town of Newark, New Jersey: From Its Settlement in 1666, to by Newark (N.J.) (1864)
"Voted, that the poor be farmed out. Benjamin Coe, Farmer of the Poor at One hundred and Ninety Six pounds proc. Voted, That Two hundred and fifty pounds be ..."

5. The Foundations of England; Or, Twelve Centuries of British History (B.C. 55 by James Henry Ramsay (1898)
"The hands of Minors' women are sold; the estates of minors farmed out.4 Countess Estates Lucy of Chester having been thrice married, and thrice left a widow ..."

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