Definition of Ethyl acetate

1. Noun. A fragrant colorless flammable volatile liquid ester made from ethanol and acetic acid; used in flavorings and perfumes and as a solvent for plastics.

Generic synonyms: Ester

Definition of Ethyl acetate

1. Noun. (organic compound) The ethyl ester of acetic acid; CH3COOCH2CH3 ¹

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Literary usage of Ethyl acetate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of the American Chemical Society by American Chemical Society (1895)
"Favre and Silberman's determination gives a number for ethyl acetate much higher than that of either •of the other investigators, it being 105.8. ..."

2. Experimental Organic Chemistry by James Flack Norris (1915)
"(c) ethyl acetate and hydriodic acid.—Repeat experiment 96j, using ethyl acetate in place of ether. For what is the test used? Will alcohol give a positive ..."

3. Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic: With Experiments by Charles Loudon Bloxam, John Millar Thomson (1907)
"Kun in through a tap funnel a mixture of 400 cc of alcohol and 400 cc of glacial acetic acid at, the rate at which the ethyl acetate distils. ..."

4. Niosh Manual of Analytical Methods: Sampling and Analytical Methods for ...edited by Peter M. Eller edited by Peter M. Eller (1994)
"Sampler: midget impinger containing 15 ml ethyl acetate. 2. Personal sampling pump, 0.5 to 1.0 L/min, with flexible connecting tubing and splash over ..."

5. Practical physiological chemistry: A Book Designed for Use in Courses in by Philip Bovier Hawk (1916)
"The extraction medium is ethyl acetate and the flask containing the acetate should be strongly heated over a sand-bath1 for about two hours. ..."

6. Technical Methods of Chemical Analysis by Georg Lunge (1914)
"ethyl acetate is a colourless, volatile liquid with a characteristic refreshing smell. ... ethyl acetate, when quite pure and free from water and alcohol, ..."

7. The Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science (1908)
"Portions boiling between 77° and 77-2° were taken as pure ethyl acetate. monium hydroxide used was saturated at —10° with dry ammonia before mixing in the ..."

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