Definition of Dowry

1. Noun. Money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage.

Exact synonyms: Dower, Dowery, Portion
Generic synonyms: Gift
Derivative terms: Dower, Dower

Definition of Dowry

1. n. A gift; endowment.

Definition of Dowry

1. Noun. Property or payment given by one spouse or his/her family to the other spouse or her/his family at time of marriage. (In some cultures, the dowry is given from wife to husband, in others vice versa.) ¹

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Definition of Dowry

1. the money or property a wife brings to her husband at marriage [n -RIES]

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Literary usage of Dowry

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Roman Private Law in the Times of Cicero and of the Antonines by Henry John Roby (1902)
"A dowry given for one marriage cannot be applied to another even with the same person, unless there be a fresh consent on the part of the giver, ..."

2. The Legal Property Relations of Married Parties: A Study in Comparative by Isidor Loeb (1900)
"The general principle at the basis of the system of dowry, as it is defined in ... The most important of these acts is the constitution of the dowry and the ..."

3. The Visigothic Code: (Forum Judicum) by Visigoths, Samuel Parsons Scott (1910)
"What Property the dowry shall consist of. VII. The Father shall Exact, and Keep, the dowry of his Daughter. VIII. In case of the Death of the Father, ..."

4. Translation of the Civil Code in Force in Cuba, Porto Rico, and the Philippines by Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Spain (1899)
"Real property acquired during the marriage shall also be considered as dowry in the following cases: 1. When it is exchanged for other dowry property. 2. ..."

5. The Civil Law in Spain and Spanish-America: Including Cuba, Puerto Rico, and by Clifford Stevens Walton, Spain (1900)
"The property of the not estimated dowry shall be security for the usual daily ... Restitution of dowry* Article 1365, dowry shall be restored to the wife or ..."

6. The Journal of English and Germanic Philology by Ill.) University of Illinois (Urbana (1919)
"THE FATAL dowry. By Philip Massinger and Nathaniel Field. ... In his discussion of the date of The Fatal dowry, Mr. Lockert makes it reasonably clear that ..."

7. The Monthly Review by Ralph Griffiths (1780)
"The dowry is ... He was only to pay the dowry ;—and that no more than would have been demanded ot" nim, ..."

8. The Athenian Family: A Sociological and Legal Study, Based Chiefly on the by Charles Albert Savage (1907)
"Many passages from the orators might be cited, illustrating the solicitude with which the Attic law guarded the woman's rights with respect to the dowry (eg ..."

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