Definition of Dinner pail

1. Noun. A pail in which a workman carries his lunch or dinner.

Exact synonyms: Dinner Bucket
Generic synonyms: Bucket, Pail

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Literary usage of Dinner pail

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Homestead: The Households of a Mill Town by Margaret Frances Byington (1910)
"... CHAPTER V TABLE AND dinner pail DURING my sojournings in Homestead, I found it of little avail to stand knocking at front doors. ..."

2. Child Observations: 1st Series: Imitation and Allied Activities. Made by the by Elias Harlow Russell (1896)
"I made a dinner-pail by taking out the inside of a pumpkin, cutting two holes in it, and putting in a string for a bail. My brother made a similar one for ..."

3. Economic Tangles: Industrial Problems Explained Through Lessons Drawn from by Judson Grenell (1902)
"The relation of the woman reporter to the dinner pail brigade is much closer ... More people in Detroit swing the tin dinner pail than even themselves are ..."

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