Definition of Come apart

1. Verb. Become separated into pieces or fragments. "These glasses come apart easily"; "The freshly baked loaf fell apart"

Exact synonyms: Break, Fall Apart, Separate, Split Up
Generic synonyms: Change Integrity
Specialized synonyms: Break Open, Burst, Split, Puncture, Burst, Bust, Smash, Ladder, Run, Crack, Snap, Break Up, Fragment, Fragmentise, Fragmentize, Crush
Related verbs: Break
Derivative terms: Break, Break, Break, Breakable
Also: Break Up

Definition of Come apart

1. Verb. (intransitive) to break, separate. ¹

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Literary usage of Come apart

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Cyclopædic Dictionary of the Mang'anja Language Spoken in British Central by David Clement Ruffelle Scott (1892)
"head-feathers get wet you shake them out, that they may come apart and be busby again, -oka, ... come apart ..."

2. Lectures and Essays, by the Late William Kingdon Clifford by William Kingdon Clifford (1886)
"It follows that when they bang against one another, they must come apart again; ... The way in which different bodies, after hitting together, come apart ..."

3. Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle (1877)
"He called them to their work ; He called them to " come apart from it," and the disciples accepted the call without a moment's hesitation. ..."

4. Belt Conveyors and Belt Elevators by Frederic Valerius Hetzel (1922)
"Material corrodes cotton or softens rubber—plies come apart. 7. ... Reverse bends in belt—plies come apart, wear on pulley rims and belt surface. 22. ..."

5. Record of Christian Work edited by Alexander McConnell, William Revell Moody, Arthur Percy Fitt (1905)
"Though we should come apart to rest awhile. dost bless. ... It is in tender mercy Thou hast said, We are to come apart and take our rest. Where'er it be, ..."

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