Definition of Bow and arrow

1. Noun. A weapon consisting of arrows and the bow to shoot them.

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Generic synonyms: Arm, Weapon, Weapon System

Definition of Bow and arrow

1. Noun. A weapon consisting of a bow and a supply of arrows, often kept in a quiver ¹

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Literary usage of Bow and arrow

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Anthropology: An Introduction to the Study of Man and Civilization by Edward Burnett Tylor (1904)
"... 152 — Sling, Spear-thrower, 152 — Bow and Arrow, 153 — Blow-tube, Gun, 154 — Mechanical Power, 155 — Wheel-carriage, 156 — Hand-mill, 157 — Drill, ..."

2. The American Naturalist by American Society of Naturalists, Essex Institute (1872)
"f In the chase of the buffalo the Indian relied mainly upon his bow and arrow. The Indians of that period were very expert in their .use. ..."

3. The American Antiquarian and Oriental Journal by Stephen Denison Peet (1905)
"The whole weapon requires at least five different parts, and it is impossible to make a bow and arrow without all of these parts. ..."

4. Our Wild Indians: Thirty-three Years Personal Experience Among the Red Men by Richard Irving Dodge (1884)
"... A Sheep of :1 Pony against a Kentucky Mare — Fastest Race on Record — A Put-up Job — Disgusted Army Officers — Bow and Arrow Games — Scandal ..."

5. The Anglo-Saxon Weapon Names Treated Archæologically and Etymologically by May Lansfield Keller (1906)
"The Bow and Arrow. Notwithstanding the fact that the bow and arrow was the weapon of primitive man, and known to every nation, the terms for arrow have had ..."

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