Definition of Bodiless

1. Adjective. Not having a material body. "Bodiless ghosts"

2. Adjective. Having no trunk or main part. "A bodiless head"
Exact synonyms: Bodyless
Similar to: Unbodied

Definition of Bodiless

1. a. Having no body.

Definition of Bodiless

1. Adjective. Lacking a body; incorporeal. ¹

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Definition of Bodiless

1. lacking material form [adj]

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Literary usage of Bodiless

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. British Poets of the Nineteenth Century: Poems by Wordsworth, Coleridge by Curtis Hidden Page (1910)
"... Love's Hour—till she and I shall meet With bodiless form and unapparent feet With thee ; nor even so sad and poor a That cast no shadow yet before, ..."

2. Dictionary of Quotations from Ancient and Modern English and Foreign Sources by James Wood (1899)
"... This bodiless creation ecstasy / Is very cunning Reverbs no hollowness. Leart \. \. Those are often raised into the greatest transports of mirth who are ..."

3. Aristotle and the Earlier Peripatetics by Eduard Zeller (1897)
"It alone is bodiless, impassible, eternal, imperishable, &c.2 By what right, then, Passive Reason can be regarded as Nous, or how two natures with ..."

4. Hymns of the Eastern Church by John Mason Neale (1870)
"A Cento from the Canon of the " bodiless Ones;" Tuesday in the Week of the Fourth Tone. Stars of the morning, so gloriously bright, Fill'd with celestial ..."

5. The Spiritual Body: An Essay in Prose and Verse by John Charles Earle (1876)
"bodiless GHOSTS. THE immortality which some proclaim— That of a naked spirit merely—seems To me an expectation drear and tame— Most hideous and improbable ..."

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