Definition of Blood typing

1. Noun. Determining a person's blood type by serological methods.

Generic synonyms: Diagnosing, Diagnosis

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Literary usage of Blood typing

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Blood Supply: FDA Oversight and Remaining Issues of Safety edited by Marcia G. Crosse (1999)
"We describe below the issue of blood typing, a safety concern in the area of routine testing processes. Routine testing does not appear to have any inherent ..."

2. Guide To Clinical Preventive Services by U. S. Preventive Services Task Force (1989)
"24 Clinical Intervention: All pregnant women should receive ABO/Rh blood typing and testing for anti-Rh(D) antibody at their first prenatal visit. ..."

3. Law and Justice Statistics, Proceedings of the Third Workshop by George G. Woodworth (1985)
"The degree of support for the assertion depends on the sensitivity and FAR of the blood typing procedure. The sensitivity of the procedure is the ..."

4. Guide to Clinical Preventive Services: Report of the U. S. Preventive by DIANE Publishing Company (1996)
"... D blood typing and antibody screening at the first prenatal visit and repeat D antibody screening at 24-28 weeks of pregnancy for D-negative women. ..."

5. Blood Supply: Transfusion-Associated Risks by Marcia G. Crosse (1999)
"Transfusions can result in serious or fatal complications as a result of serological or clerical errors in blood typing, mismanagement of the transfusion, ..."

6. Handbook of Severe Disability: A Text for Rehabilitation Counselors, Other edited by Walter C. Stolov, Michael R. Clowers (2000)
"These donors are usually parents or siblings of the patient, and after the tissue and blood typing of these relatives, the patient receives the best match ..."

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