Definition of Arctic zone

1. Noun. The regions to the north of the Arctic Circle centered on the North Pole.

Exact synonyms: Arctic, North Frigid Zone
Generic synonyms: Frigid Zone, Polar Region, Polar Zone
Derivative terms: Arctic

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Literary usage of Arctic zone

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Plant-geography Upon a Physiological Basis by Andreas Franz Wilhelm Schimper (1903)
"The Floristic Character of the arctic zone. The flora of Greenland according to Warming. The flora of Spitzbergen according to Nathorst. i. ..."

2. Climate: Considered Especially in Relation to Man by Robert DeCourcy Ward (1918)
"... General: A Minimum of Life—Culture—Subdivisions of the arctic zone—Characteristics of the Tundra—The Reindeer— Population and Occupations—Dwellings—Food ..."

3. Putnam's Magazine: Original Papers on Literature, Science, Art, and National by John Walter Osborne (1854)
"We have lirst. adjoining the arctics, a tub-arctic zone, with an almost uniform appearance in the old as well BS the new world, in which pine ..."

4. Journal of Botany, British and Foreign (1866)
"And he further states that the " Super-arctic zone commences at an ... That which he mistakenly designates the Super-arctic zone is truly the lower portion ..."

5. Food and Feeding by Henry Thompson (1891)
"... circumstances—Food of the tropics—North Africa—Arabia—Italy—Spain—France—German Empire and Russia—The arctic zone. The re- IT will be interesting now to ..."

6. The Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review by Isaac Smith Homans, William Buck Dana (1855)
"These records, together with those recently obtained from Sir Edward Belcher, commander of the British Arctic Expedition, who was in the arctic zone nearly ..."

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