Definition of Europan

1. Noun. An artificial language proposed as an auxiliary European language.

Generic synonyms: Artificial Language

Definition of Europan

1. Adjective. (astronomy) Of or pertaining to Europa, a moon of Jupiter. ¹

2. Noun. (science fiction) An inhabitant of Europa (moon of Jupiter) ¹

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Literary usage of Europan

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Preventing the Forward Contamination of Mars by National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Preventing the Forward Contamination of Mars, National Research Council (U.S.). Space Studies Board, National Research Council (U.S.). Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences (2006)
"This is necessary to safeguard the scientific integrity of future studies of Europa's biological potential and to protect against potential harm to europan ..."

2. Prix De Romme 2002: Film and Video by Mark Nash (2002)
"... and chairman of Europan Nederland. He also acts as consultant to the government (Province of South Holland, Ministry of OCenW, Raad voor Cultuur) and to ..."

3. Proceedings by Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain), Norton Shaw, Francis Galton, William Spottiswoode, Clements Robert Markham, Henry Walter Bates, John Scott Keltie (1876)
"Europan in America avanti Colombo, by F. Nardi ; Eoma, 1875 (Author). Light as a motive power, Vol. I., by EH Armit, 1875 (Author). ..."

4. The Quarterly Review by William Gifford, George Walter Prothero, John Gibson Lockhart, John Murray, Whitwell Elwin, John Taylor Coleridge, Rowland Edmund Prothero Ernle, William Macpherson, William Smith (1897)
"... should be divided in the proportion of two-thirds Christian to one-third Mussulman ; (3) That the gendarmerie should be organized by Europan officials, ..."

5. The Historians' History of the World: A Comprehensive Narrative of the Rise by Henry Smith Williams (1907)
"CRIMINAL PROCEDURE A proposed alteration of the Criminal Procedure Code, with the view of conferring criminal jurisdiction over Europan British subjects ..."

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